Washington Monument Hawk Watch

Boonsboro Maryland

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument State Park Hawk Watch is located on South Mountain overlooking Boonsboro, MD. It is a regular but fairly informal watch atop the monument.   One or more counters are present many days during season. Washington Monument  is named for and was the first monument in the country erected to the "father of our country," George Washington.The rugged stone tower was dedicated to the first president by the citizens of Boonsboro in 1827. The view alone is worth the visit, but since the Cumberland Valley is a migratory bird flyway, the park offers excellent all around birdwatching opportunities. The Appalachian Trail winds through the park and passes the base of the monument.

During the peak of Broad-winged Hawk migration (roughly the 3rd and 4th weeks of September) The tower can be very crowded, especially on weekends. So no gaurantees can be made if you'll have a good view point!  Spring Migration is much less crowded but still has good flights.

Many visitors come who are hiking the Appalachian Trail, or touring the Cival War History, or are just visiting the park itself.

Our Hawk Watch Season

Our official Hawk Watch Season begins on September 1st and continues until November 30th.  Migration actually starts up in August and a few counts are usually conducted during the month if someone visits.

Our Spring Season runs March 1st until June 1st.

Spring Season Totals

S 201214100110263276100324211512222241212653
S 2011121001533619118906765140022793241161301
S 2010198.50024253321843401130122400193103310141134
S 2009189003222846186282209133270034576300191946
S 20082100035918572743202611182610037811330212219
S 2007121.50032619431671214624179006231810171413
S 2006109.25001871123133251316272200013428501161307
S 200500000000000000000000000
S 200474.50000000000000000000000
S 200300000000000000000000000
S 200200000000000000000000000


Fall Season Totals

F 2012312.5001011163170693227236091401245213410610234502
F 20114200019312556157619032798454470981366462215312716
F 2010429.50014315756850133329290394021613625488211315484
F 2009404.500177100447931211293356511076224568552305331
F 2008481.25001229559659131241300780101559212611651245085
F 2007478.500221831111682239139024841547018153424417761456803
F 2006397.750012853781134173242542512100171193746221251438547
F 20053850012758518411659871673161216112222314502584866
F 2004313.5001234748796137536118173109271015111231493241
F 2003413.7500200571019761484472356661013812035181673734816
F 20027000030003017100000300027


Located off Alt. Route 40, near Boonsboro, MD. Take I-70 to Frederick and go West on Alt. 40 to Monument Road. Take Monument Road to the park entrance. Follow the right fork about 1/2 mile into the park to the Monument Trail. The hawk watch is located at the top of the tower, about a 1/4 mile walk uphill. Hawkwatchers look for raptors from atop a 40-foot stone turret. Views are best on the western slope; hawks passing on the eastern slope are obscured by treetops. For further information about the hawk watch, call park headquarters at 301-701-791-4767.


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